Sovereign VS Corporate

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Australia first.
The native sovereign organisation has served the corporate entity posing as government of the country. 

This is a major step in the direction of people starting to understand what the different laws are under corporate and common law. 

The majority of nations around the world are registered as corporations, making their ggovernments coprorate management. This is not lawful. This is nor a democartic chosen system. 
Also as there are no contracts between the people and these corporations they actually hold no power over the people. Whatever they are posing to be is illegal. 
In a represesenting of the people a government and any associated authorty should be at service to you, the people. And not you serving them. This tipping of the balance has been apparent for certain citizens either by knowlegde in law, or by being confronted by these shifts in rules and regulations affecting them severely in running their lives and businesses. 
Now since the hoax of corona setting the world on hold the unlawful implementing of "laws" is going too far. 
And the people are waking up. 

Under common law the Australian government, a corporate illegal entity, has now been served. 

A very interesting development that I can only encourage to see more of around the wolrd. 

Watch the video below to understand more what it is about. When you do, you might pray that your countries sovereigns will do the same. 
It's a movement to freedom to embrace. 

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