Sunday, February 28, 2021

Scattered all over a diversity of social media platforms. many new ones arose as the complaints about Facebook and Twitter, Youtube as well, are compounding.

The world has gone absolutely bonkers. The reality we are expected to live is totally ridiculous So contradictionary, that I believe many just can't comprehend it..  it's really that idiot. They keep quiet because they can't grasp this is real.

Some very intelligent people I know are totally losing it.

Depression is just the other side of the rope we are balancing are lives on.

Anyway, escaping in our activities, or our minds, our dreams, our close relations.. I have become a hermit without wanting to. Living on a boat that doesn't get to sail enough by a long shot. And then even, I am free when 'I' sail, not when 'we' sail...

My hunger for freedom is the hugest ever and yet I am the calmest I have ever been.. Where am I sourcing this patience from? Knowing I am on my way, creating the freedom as I need it, to survive this mess. Especially mentally and spiritually because i want to survive sanely.  My body is doing fine. Could be better thoigh, I will train more.

Getting ready to change scenery.

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