I am Ocean,

Freedom Consultant

and I kindly invite you to visit my website, 
presenting the possibilities 
of getting your freedom back and keeping it. 

Do you have a Passion For Freedom? I have?

I went down the rabbit hole of "the system" a long time ago to find the way out, to free myself from it. 

 Although not always acknowledged and as such not always easy, my strive is to break down the walls that keep any living being within the matrix. 

 This, I can do by advising practically but also facilitating spiritually. 

 Expansion of Awareness and Consciousness is part of the process to be able to look at the world from different perspectives than you have been taught all your life the system.

Grow with my ideas

The idea of a free world seems utopian to many. Or is seen as anarchy provoking reality. For me, that is not the meaning of a free world without the system as is ruling our lives. . Not at ALL!

I have other ideas. And friends around me that support me with their ideas and so it's ever-growing as we go along.

Your Freedom is My Freedom

It's simple, the more people become aware of their basic human rights and snap out of the grip of the system the easier the process will become to de-power that system. Then, more and more people will gain their freedom back.

Follow the blog for now.